New Challenge: Cyber Quests Competition

A new Packet Capture-based Web Vulnerability Analysis challenge is available through April 30th, 2013, sponsored by Cyber Aces!

Participants will be provided with a network packet capture file that they must analyze to identify and interpret various types of network and web application attacks, with a focus on web application traffic. Participants will have to answer questions about the network itself, as well as the activities of the users on the network. The quiz is designed for an intermediate skill level, and all questions can be answered using the Wireshark packet analysis tool. No live network sniffing is required for this challenge; all analysis is done on a provided capture file.

Are you ready for the challenge? Take the Cyber Quest challenge to compete for an invitation to one of the 2013 USCC Cyber Camps, which are scheduled throughout the summer around the country. Please visit the U.S. Cyber Challenge Website for details and locations. Additional awards, prizes and scholarships will become available. While all are welcome to participate in the competition, camp invitations, awards, prizes and scholarships are available to U.S. citizens only at this time.

US Cyber Challenge/Cyber Aces: Cyber Quest April 2013

Security Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Security Treasure Hunt, an online environment designed to help identify people with Information Security interest and skills. Various challenges will be posted here that test participants' knowledge and skills in various areas of Information Security, such as web vulnerability assessment, digital forensics, cryptographic analysis, and penetration testing. Everyone is welcome to participate.

The question engine machine, located at, poses a series of questions about each challenge. This engine allows participants to judge how they are doing and lets the creators of each Security Treasure Hunt identify individuals with promising Information Security skills.

To begin using this environment, simply follow the link below to the challenge you are interested in, or browse by category on the left. Once registered with the Question Engine, participants can enroll in the quiz associated with a particular challenge. Most quizzes have no time limit, and everything is open book, open Internet, and open to the public.

Links to existing challenges can be found below, arranged by level of difficulty. Check back often for new challenges!

Web Vuln Assessment Digital Forensics Crypto Analysis Penetration Testing
Level 1 WV100 DF100 CR100 PT100
Level 2 WV200 DF200 CR200 PT200
Level 3 WV300 DF300 CR300 PT300
Level 4 WV400 DF400 CR400 PT400
Level 5 WV500 DF500 CR500 PT500

Thank you, and enjoy the challenges!

All information will be used in connection with the activities associated with the US Cyber Challenge including statistical reporting for accounting of performance metrics regarding the participants.

Challenges sponsored by the DC3 Digital Forensics Challenge are subject to the DC3 Challenge Privacy & Security Policy.